"My wedding was magical, in no small part to the Ladies at L'ezu. As I stood outside a gorgeous Spanish villa, on Chumash Indian land, under a naked tipi surrounded by bougainvillea blooms with a bright floral splash of color snaking down my dress, I felt so beautiful. Simply put, Corina and Patty are a dream! After scouring all the designer bridal shops LA has to offer, I was exhausted and nowhere closer to finding my dream dress for my big day. What I finally found after my exhausting search was an off-the-rack dress at a discount bridal outlet and yet it still wasn't quite what I had imagined; I wanted color. I wanted something unique and wild and floral, and as far as I could tell, it just didn't exist regardless of the amount one was prepared to spend. When I decided to look into a re-style I visited a few designers before I found this magic pair at L'ezu. What I got before them were stuffy women trying to talk me out of my vision: "You don't want that much color, you don't want this or that." What a relief it was to sit down on the elegant sofa in the L'ezu studio. Corina and Patty immediately got what I was after and had fabric specially made to add to my dress. The result was better than I could have dreamed! The whole process from start to finish was so fabulous. Corina was great at communicating with me about the status of the re-styling, and they were so kind during each fitting. All my ideas and concerns were heard, and these ladies created pure magic! I felt like a Spanish princess; wearing a dress wholly unique. My husband was overwhelmed and I got so many compliments. The best day of my life was due in no small part to the L'ezu ladies. I cannot recommend them more highly. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful artists!"

-Marisa, L'ezu bride


"I seriously cannot thank you enough for the absolute dress of my dreams.  I have never felt so beautiful in my life and am so happy to have found you both.  I am the first one out of all of my friends to get married and all of them told me to save your information for when they are engaged.  I had the PERFECT dress for the PERFECT day! Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!"

-Danielle, L'ezu bride



"My husband (still feels funny saying that!), and I did an intimate wedding with just our two families in Crested Butte, CO. We did what I like to now call a pop-up ceremony in our field of dreams at the top of a mountain- my dad on guitar for the music, family in camping chairs and my aisle made of natural wild flowers. Short, sweet and picture perfect! 

Nothing about our wedding was conventional. Not even the dress buying! For the most part, I am an online shopper, so I took to the internet to find my dress. I found what I thought I wanted to be my dress, and then after weeks of staring at it (and realizing it was no longer returnable) I decided that I wanted to make it short in the front and basically gut the whole thing! This is where the unimaginably talented Patty and Corina came in to work their magic. I went to L'ezu (after finding them through Yelp) and they immediately understood what I was going for. I could tell from their style and vibe and the way they described how they thought my dress should fit- that I was in good hands and my dream dress was about to come to life. And so it did! I loved every minute of wearing my dress! "

-Karen, L'ezu Bride. 


"Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I would be getting married in the forest, in my one of a kind dream gown. Patty and Corina made my dreams come true when they brought my design on paper, to life! I couldn't have imagined anyone else making my gown. I learned so much from them; they are truly inspiring and talented. Thanks L'ezu!" -Carly, L'ezu Bride. 

"After an unsuccessful search for a wedding dress that spoke to me within my price range, I was able to combine my three favorite dress options and get my ideal wedding gown made at L'ezu. It was fun having all of that creative control- picking out the fabrics and seeing sketches. You try on the dress in stages as it's made which allows you to see what's working. I got SO many compliments on my dress! And the best part was it's one-of-a-kind and it cost less than I would have spent in a store. Corina and Patricia are skilled designers and they will speak their mind. They tell you what will work and what won't. Every wedding dress needs to be tailored anyway so you might as well start at the source and create something that is original and uniquely you and L'ezu. The only sad part is I only got to wear the dress once!" - Lara, L'ezu Bride. 


"I just had my final dress fitting at L'ezu for my upcoming wedding and I couldn't be happier with my custom wedding dress! The dress is beyond gorgeous- French lace with an open back and so many custom details throughout. They even sewed on all of the lace by hand because it was so delicate. The attention to detail was really amazing! Corina and Patricia made sure the dress fit me perfectly and they were so amazing to work with throughout the whole process, assuring me that the dress would come out exactly the way I wanted. At the end of our fittings, I was sad to take off the dress because it was so beautiful. I can't wait to wear it on my big day in two weeks! I would highly recommend L'ezu to any bride-to-be looking for the perfect unique wedding gown!" - Vanessa,L'ezu Bride. 

"The ladies at L'ezu are absolutely phenomenal! My fiancé and I decided to marry in Peru and with only a few weeks of preparation, and  I was panicked about a dress. I had some pictures I liked and took them to Corina and Patricia. They created the most beautiful dress, gorgeous materials, serious attention paid to every detail. I never felt rushed during my fittings and they gave me their insights into the design while completely respecting my wishes and doing everything they could to make sure I was happy. I cannot express enough how wonderful they are. They were most certainly a big part of my whole wedding experience. They really set the tone for a most happy day!"- Traci,L'ezu Bride.