Gifts for your wedding party. It seems like a simple task, right? Well, in some cases, it can be difficult, from wondering what kind of gift to give and what you can afford, to whether or not they’ll like it. It can cause some unnecessary stress if you overthink it, so just make sure to give yourself plenty of time to decide and it’ll be smooth sailing all the way to the honeymoon!

For the ladies:

 First things first, think long and hard about the women in your wedding party. Are they girly girls, bohemian, adventurous, athletic? Would they appreciate a sentimental gift, a funny gift or something more classic? For a gift to be successful, it has to be as personal as possible, so consider tailoring your gifts to the women in your life.

Once you’ve thought about the personalities within your your wedding party, then it’s time to start looking for the appropriate gift. There’s so much to choose from, but here are a few ideas:

A Customized Candle - Original and sentimental, it’s something they will cherish!

A Pair of Sunglasses - A unique gift, sunglasses are something they will get excited about!

A Knot Ring - You’ll be tying the knot, with your fiancé and your bridesmaids!

A Wine Glass - Fun and useful for a toast on the wedding day!

For the Gents

 When it comes to gifting the groomsmen, it’s a little more simple; just try to think of something that they will find useful. In most cases, the guys will appreciate something unique and practical, rather than sentimental. These original gifts will show your buddies how much thought you put into showing them with your appreciation:

A Customized Flask - Something they will love to use all of the time!

A Watch - Something stylish that they will be excited to wear!

A Belt - An accessory they can use on the big day and every day after!

A Personalized Cooler - A unique gift that they’ll use all year round!

There’s something perfect out there for any wedding party; you simply need to take the time to figure out what is right for yours! Just remember that no matter what you give them, they will love the gesture as it’s a wonderful way to ensure they feel appreciated for supporting you on your big day! Happy shopping!




We’ve noticed this trend among our L’ezu brides that demands brides shower their bridesmaids with cute gifts to show their appreciation for them being a part of their special day. We pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and “couldn’t help but wonder” if this was really necessary, so we went online shopping. On the hunt for cute gift ideas, we came across this personalized Bridesmaid gifts website, so we thought we’d give a few of the products a spin.

Design me a stainless steel tumbler to keep my liquids cold but make it L’ezu? We’re sold. Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique nailed it! Not only does our drink stay hot or cold in this bottle for up to 6 hours, but now we have a super cute, on brand accessory keeping us hydrated while we work at the office. No need for a coaster, the metal tumbler doesn’t leave any condensation. To be honest, we’re loving our L’ezu bottle, but you can get it personalized however you like! I think our enthusiasm for this bridesmaid gifts stems from it’s true usefulness to the receiver.


How cute is this black denim pouch with gold detailing? It can double as a makeup bag for a quick touchup at a wedding, or even as simple as throwing your phone and wallet in on the go. At L’ezu, we’re most likely use it for some quick fix needle and thread, buttons for any wedding mishaps we may encounter.

These are just some of the cute things we tried out, but there are 300+ items available to personalize and gift on the Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique website. Our take on bridesmaid gifts is that if you feel compelled to do so, make sure they’re useful for after the wedding, because these certainly are!