"My husband (still feels funny saying that!), and I did an intimate wedding with just our two families in Crested Butte, CO. We did what I like to now call a pop-up ceremony in our field of dreams at the top of a mountain- my dad on guitar for the music, family in camping chairs and my aisle made of natural wild flowers. Short, sweet and picture perfect! 

Nothing about our wedding was conventional. Not even the dress buying! For the most part, I am an online shopper, so I took to the internet to find my dress. I found what I thought I wanted to be my dress, and then after weeks of staring at it (and realizing it was no longer returnable) I decided that I wanted to make it short in the front and basically gut the whole thing! This is where the unimaginably talented Patty and Corina came in to work their magic. I went to L'ezu (after finding them through Yelp) and they immediately understood what I was going for. I could tell from their style and vibe and the way they described how they thought my dress should fit- that I was in good hands and my dream dress was about to come to life. And so it did! I loved every minute of wearing my dress! "

-Karen, L'ezu Bride.