"My wedding was magical, in no small part to the Ladies at L'ezu. As I stood outside a gorgeous Spanish villa, on Chumash Indian land, under a naked tipi surrounded by bougainvillea blooms with a bright floral splash of color snaking down my dress, I felt so beautiful. Simply put, Corina and Patty are a dream! After scouring all the designer bridal shops LA has to offer, I was exhausted and nowhere closer to finding my dream dress for my big day. What I finally found after my exhausting search was an off-the-rack dress at a discount bridal outlet and yet it still wasn't quite what I had imagined; I wanted color. I wanted something unique and wild and floral, and as far as I could tell, it just didn't exist regardless of the amount one was prepared to spend. When I decided to look into a re-style I visited a few designers before I found this magic pair at L'ezu. What I got before them were stuffy women trying to talk me out of my vision: "You don't want that much color, you don't want this or that." What a relief it was to sit down on the elegant sofa in the L'ezu studio. Corina and Patty immediately got what I was after and had fabric specially made to add to my dress. The result was better than I could have dreamed! The whole process from start to finish was so fabulous. Corina was great at communicating with me about the status of the re-styling, and they were so kind during each fitting. All my ideas and concerns were heard, and these ladies created pure magic! I felt like a Spanish princess; wearing a dress wholly unique. My husband was overwhelmed and I got so many compliments. The best day of my life was due in no small part to the L'ezu ladies. I cannot recommend them more highly. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful artists!"

-Marisa, L'ezu bride